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Rotary Blade Large Square Wire Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-W669
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

1、This is a floor-standing large square new energy cable rotary blade stripping machine, suitable for processing various new energy high-voltage cables, automotive cables, medical cables, power cables, etc. It uses 4 pieces of high-precision tungsten steel blades to rotate and strip the wires. The maximum stripping diameter can reach 44mm, and the maximum stripping length can reach 200mm. The rotating blade can cut the stripping position 360 degrees, the stripping mouth is smooth, the stripping length is precise, the cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm, and the inner layer will not be damaged.

2、Color touch screen operation interface, parameter setting is intuitive and easy to understand. It can be stripped in up to 9 layers, and the cutting depth and stripping length of each layer can be freely set in the program. For example, when stripping a coaxial cable, the outer layer, braided layer, and core wire can be stripped to different lengths. Up to 99 groups of programs can be saved, and the processing parameters of different wire materials can be saved in different program numbers. When switching wire materials, the corresponding parameters can be called out with one key without mechanical adjustment.

Applicable wire diameter: Φ8~44mm

Maximum stripping length: 200mm

Program size accuracy: 0.01mm

Maximum stripping layers: 9 layers

Number of blades: 4 pieces

Production efficiency: 300~500 pieces/hour

Program memory function: up to 99 groups of programs can be saved

Working voltage: AC220/110V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 800W

Machine net weight: 215kg

Dimensions: 1150*430*1350mm