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Scrap Wire Recycling Machine

  • Model:KS-S305
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

The scrap wire recycling machine is especially designed for stripping various scrap wires ranging from 1.5mm to 40mm in diameter, it comes standard with double processing channels, it will slash open the outside insulation in first channel, and then it will extrude the wires or split it again in second channel, so the copper can be taken out easily.

Stripping Hole Type:
Type 1: 9 stripping holes, 3 holes have double knives.
Type 2: 9 stripping holes, 4 holes have double knives.
Type 3: 9 stripping holes, 5 holes have double knives.

Available Cable Size: Φ1.5mm - Φ40mm
Daily Output: 200-1000Kg
Power: 220V/2.2KW 220V/3KW 380V/2.2KW
Net Weight: 89Kg
Dimension: 550 × 520 × 840mm