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Heat Shrinkable Tube Shrinking Machine

  • Model:KS-H40
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

This series of machines is a closed welding frame heat shrink baking machine. It is suitable for heat shrinking or baking of relatively small products such as wire harness heat shrink tubes, heat shrink film packaging, circuit boards, inductor coils, copper bars, hardware accessories and other products.

  • This machine uses far-infrared heating tubes to generate heat. There are heating tubes installed on the top, bottom, left and right, which can be heated at the same time. It is also equipped with a high-speed centrifugal fan. When heating, the fan can stir the heat evenly and keep the entire box at a constant temperature. It can make products that need to be heat-shrunk and baked be heated at the same time, maintaining the original characteristics of the product, so that the product will not deform or discolor after heat-shrinking or baking, and the quality will be stable;

  • Using high-temperature Teflon mesh belt (temperature resistance 0~350℃) to feed materials in the assembly line mode, the baking speed is fast and the efficiency is high;

  • Adopt welded frame structure mode. Changing the size and structure requires customization. The model has a compact structure and exquisite design, and has dual-function options of floor-standing and desktop models;

  • The independent control electric box keeps away from high temperatures; the heating box is double-layered with high-temperature insulation cotton (temperature resistant 1200℃) sandwiched in the middle to prevent the surface temperature of the box from overheating, which not only makes the working environment comfortable, but also reduces energy waste.

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Power supply: AC 380V/220V 50Hz

Belt guide: yes

Heat dissipation device: yes

Hot air fan: yes

Heating tube: far infrared heating tube

Heating method: 2 sets of temperature controls (double-sided heating)

Heating temperature: 0~260℃

Material of conveyor belt: high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt

Conveying capacity: 20Kg

Mechanical power: 6KW(optional 3.6KW)

Conveying speed: 0~6/min

Mechanical weight: 90Kg

Heating space(H×W×D): 800*400*150mm

Box Size(H×W×D): 800*480*280mm

Mechanical dimension(H×W×D): 1600*480*1200mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.