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Terminal Crimping Applicator for Big Terminals

  • Model:KS-C2KSR
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
This terminal crimp applicator is designed for processing big linked terminals rolled over a reel, you can choose left to right or end feed style. Economically priced applicators to handle practically all terminal and feed types, rugged construction and simple set up to ensure long life and high quality results.
Terminal Type: side feed or end feed reeled terminals
Terminal Pitch: Max. 32mm
Terminal Thickness: 2mm
Feed Type: mechanical feed
Wire Cross Section: 10mm2 (AWG 8)
Press Stroke: 30mm
Crimping Height (Shut Height): 130mm
Crimp Height Adjustment: 0.01mm resolution, 2.7mm range
Net. Weight: 9Kg
Dimension: 240×95×170mm