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Heat Shrink Tube Baking Machine

  • Model:KS-H80 Series
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

The heat shrinkable tube baking machine is widely used in the heat shrinkage of ordinary electronic wire heat shrinkable tubes, the heat shrinkage of new energy wire harness heat shrinkable tubes, and the heat shrinkage of product packaging heat shrinkable films. As well as the heat shrinkage, baking and drying of heat shrinkable tubes for circuit boards, transformer copper bars, inductor coils and other products.

  • The high-speed fan supplies air, no air source is required, it can be used as long as the power supply is used, it is lightweight and easy to move;

  • The machine can maintain a constant temperature, which is energy-saving and efficient, and the temperature of the baked product will not drop too much when air is blown;

  • The heating device uses resistance wire to generate heat, which is difficult to burn out under normal circumstances;

  • The size of the air nozzle can be customized according to product specifications, and the air nozzle can be replaced at will;

  • It is equipped with two control modes: infrared induction and foot control, which can be switched at any time;

  • It has a delay timer function, which can set the heat shrink time and automatic cycle start;

  • It has compact structure, exquisite design and small size, and can be placed on the production line for simultaneous use;

  • The double-layer shell design is sandwiched with high-temperature-resistant insulation cotton to prevent the outer surface of the casing from overheating, which not only makes the working environment comfortable but also reduces energy waste.

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Net Weight15kg16kg
Power Rating2KW3KW
Heating Temperature0~450°0~450°
Heating MethodResistance wire heats upResistance wire heats up
Heat Shrink Tube Diameter0~30mm0~45mm
Heat Shrink Tube Length0~60mm0~60mm or 0~100mm
Heat Shrink Efficiency450~900 times450~900 times
Air volume580L/min (adjustable)580L/min (adjustable)
Air outlet (optional)L type/Y type (standard L type)L type/Y type (standard L type)
Power Supply220V 50HZ220V 50HZ
Optional Air Nozzle Models

30mm wide, 60mm long; 30mm wide, 100mm long;

45mm wide, 60mm long; 45mm wide, 100mm long;

55mm wide, 60mm long; 80mm wide, 100mm long;