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Crimp Applicator for Left Side Feed Terminals

  • Model:KS-CM30S
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

Our terminal crimp applicators have been designed to fit in o most industry standard presses, when installed in a press they provide the most efficient method of applying chain terminals to a pre-stripped wire. Due to the high quality durable design, in addition to being used on semi-automatic machinery these applicators are also suitable for high volume operation on fully automatic machines.

Terminal Type: left side feed reeled terminals
Terminal Pitch: Max. 27mm
Terminal Thickness: 1.2mm
Feed Type: mechanical feed
Wire Cross Section: 10mm2 (AWG 8)
Press Stroke: 30mm
Crimping Height (Shut Height): 119.7mm
Crimp Height Adjustment: 0.01mm resolution, 2.7mm range
Net. Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimension: 180×80×165mm