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Cable Double-end Piercing and Crimping Machine

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  • 10~30PIN, 40~50PIN cables and piercing connectors are automatically crimped, with automatic continuity detection after crimping;

  • 10~30PIN cables and 40~50PIN cables can be produced by one machine;

  • Double-ended piercing connectors can be crimped in the same direction, forward and reverse, or reversely crimped;

  • The MES interface is reserved to capture equipment operation and production data in real time (such as total production volume, operating efficiency, defective rate, material usage, downtime, etc.).

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ single phase

Processing range: 10~30PIN, 40~50PIN, 28AWG~20AWG wire

Production efficiency: 8~10 sets/minute (when the wire length is 200mm)

Terminal type: piercing connector

Wire length: 100mm~1000mm

Connector loading: automatic loading of vibrating plate

Detection device: wire presence detection, continuity detection

Air pressure: about 0.5~0.7Mpa

Dimensions: 2000mm×1800mm×1800mm