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Single-wire single-tube Automatic Insertion Tube Single-sided Crimping Machine (one end is flattened)

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  • Dimension:
  • Single wires, single wire number tubes, and 6 terminals are online at the same time, automatically switched and grouped according to the production work order. After the production of each group of wires, a label is printed and attached in real time (indicating the purpose of the cabinet number) to facilitate subsequent cabinet production;

  • Equipped with single wire feeding machine and single axis pay-off machine;

  • Equipped with two sets of single-tube coding machines, automatically feeding, printing, cutting, and casing tubes, and are also equipped with tube heating devices;

  • Equipped with 1 set of crimping unit to ensure that 6 terminals are online at the same time, all terminals are crimped without changing molds, and a servo crimping machine is used. All crimping parameters are automatically switched, and the crimping quality is monitored in real time; a three-axis robotic arm + circular vibration automatic feeding terminal (no direct vibration), and circular vibration glue spraying are used to avoid damaging the terminal coating;

  • Equipped with a dedicated label printer for labeling each work order and each group of wires;

  • The supporting data conversion software is seamlessly connected to the production work orders generated by third-party automatic wiring software. Work orders can be dispatched remotely through the internal network and automatically and quickly converted into production instructions;

  • The MES interface is reserved to capture equipment operation and production data in real time (such as total production volume, operating efficiency, defective rate, material usage, downtime, etc.).

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ single phase

Stripping length: one-sided, 0-15mm

Wire number tube specifications: 0.52~4.02, suitable for 0.30mm2 ~ 4.0mmwire diameters

Number tube identification: regular half-width characters within 36 characters

Number tube length: 10~38mm, special length can be customized

Production efficiency: ≥720 pcs/minute (single wire production) ≥600 pcs/hour(group production)

Air pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa

Dimensions (L×W×H): 6000*3000*2000mm

Wire diameter: 0.30mm2~4.0mm2(6.0mmcan be cut), BVR, RV, low smoke halogen-free and other types of wires

Wire length: 100-10000mm 

Detection device: Detection of presence of wire, presence detection of wire number tube, presence detection of ribbon, ribbon breakage detection, terminal crimping monitoring

Terminal types: semi-insulated single-piece terminals (OT, UT, IT (tube type)); fully insulated single-piece terminals (187/250 straight plug and elbow plug; 4.0 bullet male and female terminals); fully bare single-piece terminals (OT, UT, pin type, DBN); Aviation pins (all kinds of aviation pins and sockets); Chain ends: all kinds of chain ends