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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

  • Model:KS-U210
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

This machine is a servo type welding machine, with a lightweight structure design, exquisite appearance, full servo high-precision control system, stable operation, touch screen intelligent operation, low maintenance cost, and can provide enterprises with high-efficiency and low-cost welding advantages. It is suitable for 0.35mm²~40mm² copper wire harness welding, and is widely used in many fields such as automobiles, instruments, communications equipment, and household appliances.

  • High-quality imported ultrasonic transducer, strong power, good stability

  • Full servo power system, stable operation

  • Automated welding, fast speed, high energy efficiency, can complete a welding within 3-5s

  • Support multiple welding modes

  • Prevent empty welding and effectively prevent welding head damage

  • High-definition touch screen, intuitive data, real-time monitoring, effectively guarantee welding yield

  • Password protection and data storage function

4*4mm² 2:2 splice

15mm² 1:2 splice

3*1.5mm² 1:2 splice

16+6mm² 1:1 splice

2*4mm² 1:1 splice

3*5mm² 1:2 splice

2*2mm² 1:1 splice

3*2mm² 1:2 splice

2*8mm² 1:1 splice

2*4mm² 2 wire

Wire diameter: 0.35mm²-40mm² copper wire

Wire diameter of welding copper wire (aluminum wire): ≤φ0.3mm

Display mode: industrial computer

Production efficiency: about 3-5s/time, depending on the welding square

Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Power rating: 5000W

Net weight: 96kg

Working frequency: 20KHz

Dimensions: 640*905*1050mm