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New Energy High Voltage Wire Stripping Intelligent All-in-one Machine

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This machine can complete the functions of stripping the outer sheath of high-voltage wire harness, removing aluminum foil, cutting the shielding net, brushing the shielding net, flipping the shielding net, cutting the inner sheath, etc. at one time. It has high speed and high accuracy, does not damage the internal conductor, has high safety and is more efficient. This machine adopts digital intelligent control device and touch screen operation, and can adjust the stripping length and depth value at will. It adopts servo motor drive, adjustable parameters, low operating temperature, small electromagnetic radiation, suitable for various environments, fast stripping speed, uniform knife output without damaging the internal, so as to achieve the highest efficiency.

Applicable materials: coaxial cable, shielding net expansion diameter greater than 1.6mm

Wire diameter: Φ6-Φ22 (2.5-120mm2)

Stripping length: 15-120mm

Shielding net remaining length: ≥4mm

Power rating: 3000W

Power supply: 220V 50/60HZ

Air source: 0.5MPA

Net weight: 220KG

Control mode: motion control card

Machine size (L*W*H): 1200*1050*1500mm

Optional accessories: rotary cutter/wire brush