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Automatic Computer Wire Stripping Machine

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Blade material: imported tungsten steel/high speed steel

Stripping accuracy: 0.01mm

Conduit control mode: motor

Capacity: 8000~12000 (depending on the wire)

Cutting wire outer diameter: within 0.1~6 square meters

Operation page: 5-inch touch screen display

Cutting length: 0.1~99999.9mm

Sheath length: front end 0~30mm rear end 0~30mm

Conduit inner diameter: 2/3/4/5 (depending on the wire)

The number of middle stripping wire segments: can be customized

Power supply: AC220V/60Z

Size: 400mm*285mm*355mm

Weight: 33KG

Optional devices: automatic wire feeder, wire taker, long wire conveyor belt, protective cover

Note function: automatic wire in/out, program storage and call, jog adjustment