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Automatic Terminal Crimping and Insert Heat Shrink Tube

  • Model:KS-T310
  • Wire Size:
  • Dimension:

This is a fully automatic wire crimping and shrink tube installing & heating machine,

  • Wire both sides can crimp terminal

  • One side installing shrink tube and heating

We can also customize the machine according to customer's requirements, such as one side crimping and installing shrink tube, another side twisting and soldering.


1)  The pressure adjustable wire clamp can make the multi-core wires in order to ensure that the core wire will not be damaged.

2)  After cutting, stripping and crimping the terminals (the available inner core wires'number is 2P-13P) to ensure the terminal crimping accuracy.

3)  The crimped terminals are aligned on the same straight line (different from the fan shape), and the terminals are neat and beautiful after being inserted in the housing insertion.

4)  The crimping force monitor is optional.

5)  The convey belt is optional.

Functions:Fully automatic cutting of multi-core wires

  • Stripping of outside jacket

  • Stripping of core wire 

  • Both side crimping terminal

  • One side installing shrink tube and heating

Processing Range:number of cores wires : 2 cores-13 cores, outer diameter 3-7mm, inner cores 20-26 #

Cutting Accuracy:Adjustment range: 0.5mm + cutting length x 0.2% or less

Cutting Length:160-9999mm

Power Supply:AC220V 50/60Hz 20A

Stripping Length:Outer 30-160mm Inner 0-8mm


Capacity:Standard 2TON (Super quiet 2.0T terminal machine)

Air Pressure:0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa