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40mm Stroke Pneumatic Transversal Applicator

  • Model:KS-TP40S
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

1.  Using rotary height system, precision crimp height adjustable,and strong sense of rhythm,

     scale,easy to identify and meet the demanding requirements of you crimp quality,

     quick replace of moulds without close height adjuetment of crimping machines.

2.  Crimping tools: 19mm in width.

3.  Feeding system: air line rail with 40 mm stepover,adjustment of crimping machines.

4.  Technical documents: breakdown maintenance manual,PPK analysis.

5.  Application range: European and American series semi and fully automatic crimping equipments.

6.  Galvanized surface: anticorrosive.

Description: Side feed

Crimping Height: 135.78mm

Stroke: 40mm

Teminal Pitch: 40mm

Teminal Thickness: 1.2mm

Cross Section: 0.08-6mm2 (9-30AWG)

Feeding System: Pneumatic

Weight: 5Kg

Dimension: L180ⅩH155ⅩD110mm