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Automatic Big Cable Cutting Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-W6132
  • Wire Size:
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  1. This is a pure electric high-precision belt-feeding wire stripping machine. It does not need to use an air source. The pressure of the wire feeding wheel can be set in the program, and there is no need to manually adjust the screws. Both the upper and lower wire feeding wheels can be electrically opened and closed. No matter processing thick wire or thin wire, the center line of the wire remains unchanged. The center line of the wire can be aligned with the center of the knife edge, so it can effectively prevent the problem of skewing the stripping edge. . This machine is especially suitable for processing wire rods with a wide range of diameters, both thick and thin wires can be easily handled without additional mechanical adjustments.

  2. The program has powerful functions, supports functions such as full stripping, half stripping, and middle stripping, and has a program memory function, which can save the processing parameters of different wires in different program numbers, and call out the corresponding processing parameters with one key when switching wires. The program interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Parameters such as cutting line length, stripping length, feed depth, retraction, and output can be freely set in the program. Functions such as long wire program, ultra-short wire program, intermediate stripping program, and sheath wire program can be switched at will, and one machine supports many different processing methods, which is highly versatile.

  3. Support non-standard customization, our company has strong research and development capabilities, and can customize corresponding functions according to customer needs. For example, an inkjet printer or a line number hot stamping machine can be added to realize stripping while coding. Blades and conduits can be customized to process special wires such as flat sheathed wires and double parallel wires; a safety shield can also be selected, and the machine will automatically alarm and stop when the safety shield is opened.

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Applicable wire diameter: 4~70mm2

Catheter diameter: Φ4~24mm

Maximum cutting length: 100m

Stripping length: wire head 0~270mm, wire tail 0~140mm

Wire feeding method: belt feeding

Program memory: save up to 99 groups of programs

Rated power: 860W

Working voltage: 220V 50/60Hz

Net weight: 85kg

Dimensions: 750*540*410mm