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Belt Driven Tape Cutting Machine

  • Model:KS-P100Q
  • Max. Width:80mm (Φ30mm)
  • Blade Type:Cold Knife
  • Net. Weight:70kg
  • Dimension:570×490×460mm

This is a belt feeding tape cutting machine, due to the large contact area between the feeding belt and the tape, the material will not be crushed by pressure, and higher feeding accuracy can be guaranteed. The cutting blade is driven by a strong cylinder, it can not only cut relatively thick materials, but also can cut various tubes with diameters ranging from 1-30mm.

This machine is an ideal cutter for round and flat materials with large cross-sections and feeds the tape with high precision and speed.

This machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or combined with various peripheral equipment to form a fully automatic processing line. At the same time, this machine also has a very high cost performance.


  • Rugged belt-feed transport unit for high pull forces

  • Driven by a strong cylinder

  • Easy, user-friendly programming interface

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Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.