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PCB Dip Soldering Pot

  • Model:KS-T600A Series
  • Dimension:
  1. Controlled by meters and real time display the temperature of melted tin.

  2. With large melting tank volume, various melted tin can be fed.

  3. There is heat insulation system between the meters and tin tank can continue feed in.

  4. Adopt two-layer stainless steel furnace bottom, automatic constant temperature.

KS-T600A400W60 x 100 x 50mm2Kg
KS-T1000A500W100 x 160 x 60mm4Kg
KS-T2000A800W150 x 210 x 60mm7Kg
KS-T3000A1300W200 x 260 x 60mm12Kg
KS-T5000A1800W250 x 320 x 60mm20Kg
KS-T8000A3000W320 x 420 x 60mm34Kg