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Lead-free Solder Pot

  • Model:KS-T1000 Series
  • Dimension:

The tin furnace is made by welding 2mm titanium alloy and the scope of temperature control is 0~800℃. It is suitable for dip soldering of circuit board and more suitable for tin coated of transformer enameled wire.
The furnace also has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion proof, quick temperature rise, etc.

KS-T1000800W70 x 80 x 60mm4Kg
KS-T20001300W150 x 210 x 60mm7Kg
KS-T30001700W200 x 260 x 60mm12Kg
KS-T50002700W250 x 320 x 60mm20Kg
KS-T80003000W420 x 320 x 60mm34Kg