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Automatic Teflon Tape Wrapping Machine

  • Model:KS-A560
  • Net. Weight:55kg
  • Dimension:350×420×510mm

This is an automatic telfon tape wrapping machine, the operator only need to put the screw thread into the working position, then it will automatically wrap the teflon tape. One machine can be used for a variety of products with different diameters, and the adjustment is simple.

We recommend using our boxed raw ptfe tapes, which are specially developed for this machine and can guarantee stable work. The raw material  purchased in the market cannot be directly used in this machine. If you have to use your own raw material, we can customize an additional raw material installer unit according to your tape size.


Color touch screen operation interface, intuitive and easy-to-understand parameter settings; High-speed servo motor, each cycle time is only about 3 seconds, which can greatly save labor.

When the product is single and the output requirements are very high, the optional vibrating plate feeding system can be selected, it is usually suitable for smaller parts. The feeding system is customized according to your samples, one machine is only suitable for one product.


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Available Size Range1/8" ~ 1.5"1/8" ~ 2.5"
Tape Width Range
Circle Time6~7s/pc3~5s/pc
Air Source0.5~0.8Mpa
Power Supply220V 50/60Hz
Net. Weight55kg60kg

PTFE Tape Consumables:

Tape Width5±0.5mm7±0.5mm10±0.5mm14±0.5mm
Tape Length35m50m60m60m
Tensile Strength≥6Mpa
Break Elongation≥50%
100% PTFE
StandardQB/T 4008-2010

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.