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Fully Automatic FRC Cable Pressing Machine

  • Model:KS-TC006
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

This is a fully automatic flat wire piercing connector double-head crimping machine. The connector is automatically fed through the vibrating plate, and supports functions such as single-head crimping, double-head crimping, front and back crimping, etc., which can be freely selected in the program. It is suitable for flat wires of 8Pin~40Pin, 2.0 and 2.54 pitches are available, as long as the pitches are consistent and the number of rows is different, it can be used universally.

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Applicable wire: 8~40Pin flat wire (40~64Pin can be customized)

Cutting length: 50~10000mm

Operation interface: color touch screen

Air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa

Working voltage: 220V 50/60Hz

Net weight: 220kg

Dimensions: 3500*2300*2000mm