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Wire Marker Printer

  • Model:S-650
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  1. The tube printer serves several purposes: print PVC tube, shrinkable tube and label.

  2. White backlight LCD display screen, the screen language can be selected from english or chinese.

  3. The printer can do half-cutting automatically, the cutting depth is adjustable.

  4. High printing speed, 25mm/second in normal ssituation, 300dpi.

  5. Has 1G memory, can store Max. 128 files at the same time.

  6. With simple 62-key computer keyboard, the machine can be operated easily.

  7. The machine is very durable, with wearing course added on the printer head.

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Printing method: thermal transfer
Availabel material: Φ2 ~ Φ8mm PVC tube / shrinkable tube, 6/9/12mm label
Resolution ratio: 300dpi
Printing Speed: 25mm/s
Half-cutting speed: 35pcs PVC tube of 20mm
Printing letter: english word, number and symbols.
Keyboard: 64-key computer keyboard
Memory: 1G, save Max. 128 files at a time
Cutting Method: Auto half cut and manual full cut
Power: DC 12V 3.5A
Weight: 2.0Kg
Dimension: 290 × 270 × 100mm


Consumable NameTypeModel
Ribbonblack12mm × 80m/boxRS-80B
white12mm × 80m/boxRS-80W
Label6mm white6mm × 8m/boxLS-06W
6mm silvery6mm × 8m/boxLS-06A
6mm yellow6mm × 8m/boxLS-06Y
9mm white9mm × 8m/boxLS-09W
9mm silvery9mm × 8m/boxLS-09A
9mm yellow9mm × 8m/boxLS-09Y
12mm white12mm × 8m/boxLS-12W
12mm silvery12mm × 8m/boxLS-12A
12mm yellow12mm × 8m/boxLS-12Y
TubePVC tube: Φ2-Φ10mm
shrinkable tube: Φ2-Φ16mm
Half-cutting knifeKS-01

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.