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Heavy-duty Automatic Terminal Cross Section Analysis System

  • Model:KS-A531
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

1. Rapid process only takes two to five minutes.
2. The status of inside and outside pins can be analyzed.
3. Easy to learn and operate.
4. Design working position according to the principle of human body mechanics. It is very comfortable to operate.
5. Apply to the best corrosive treatment. It is safe and harmless to human body.
6. Micro-graphs are taken with a high-resolution digital camera.
7. Equip with analysis and archiving software in both Chinese and English.

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Applicable Diameter: 0.13mm²-85mm²

Multiplier Range: 20~300X

Cutting Disc: Φ 180 x0.5 mm

Cutting Motor: 50~3000rpm infinitely variable speeds

Grinding Motor: 50~3000rpm infinitely variable speeds

Cleaning Liquid: Good cleaning effect, non-black, unscented, non-toxic and environmental protection

Lighting Source: All-white, adjustable for LUOS lighting device (cold light)

Video System: HD industrial USB 3.0, 5 mega-pixel

Grinding Table: 600# 1200# 2000#

Power Supply: AC100V~AC240V

Overall Dimension: W1800×D650×H750mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.