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Heavy-duty Infrared Heating Machine for Shrinkable Tube

  • Model:KS-A2650
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

Wire Shrinkable Tube Heating Machine KS-A2650 is a high-end modern customized equipment

which is applicable to heat and shape shrinkable tube for wire so as to meet aims of insulation and protection in wire harness industry.

Heating system consists of two-row transparent quartz heating tubes whose replacement is available and upper heating height is adjustable. Operator could set particular heating temperature on the basis of different production process requirements.

This machine is competent for 24 hours continuously.

Besides,it is equipped with multiple angles heat reflecting material that leaves heating production more energy-efficient.

Moreover, heat insulating material filled in the cavity of heating box secures shrinkable tube heating procedure without being affected by outside environment.

In addition, cooling system equipped with four fans enables finished products to decrease temperature in order to being collected conveniently.

Applicable Wire Diameter: Max.25mm  (Bigger is available, but heating effect will not be ideal)

Applicable Shrinkable Tube Length: Max.650mm

Heating Mode: Heat Radiation

Heating Width: Max.650mm

Heating Temperature: <260℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±5℃

Conveyor Belt Material: Teflon

Conveyor Belt Height: <120mm

Conveyor Belt Speed: Max. 3m/min

Heating Power Rating: < 9KW

Conveying Motor Power Rating: 40W

Power Supply: 380V

Weight: 100KG

Dimension: 1800(L)×900(W) ×1100(H)mm