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40mm Stroke Mechanical Transversal Applicator

  • Model:KS-EM40S
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

1.     Adjustable crimping height: CH/I.H wedge type height adjusting system with the precision of 0.02mm

     and the range of 2.0mm;quick replace of moulds without close height adjuetment of crimping machines.

2.   Crimping tools: 19mm in width.

3.   Feeding system: frond feeding (semi automatic) or back feeding (fully automatic).

4.   Technical documents: reakdown maintenance manual,PPK analysis.

5.   Application range: European and American series semi and fully automatic crimping equipments.

6.   Galvanized surface: anticorrosive.

Description: Side feed

Crimping Height: 135.78mm

Stroke: 40mm

Teminal Pitch: 27mm

Teminal Thickness: 1.2mm

Cross Section: 0.08-6mm2 (9-30AWG)

Feeding System: Mechanical

Weight: 4Kg

Dimension: L110ⅩW160ⅩH155