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Automatic Wire Twisting and Tinning Machine

  • Model:KS-W1150
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

The fully automatic wire stripping twisting and tinning machine is driven by Mitsubishi servo motors and SMC pneumatic cylinders, so the cutting, stripping, twisting, fluxing, and tin soldering positions can be precisely controlled. It's able to process maximun 8 single wires at one time with very high speed, we can also customize the machine to process ribbon cables and multi-core flat cables. The soder wire can be fed to solder pots automatically, and soldering smoke eater can take out the tin somoke in time to ensure the working environment is good for health.


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Suitable Wire Range: AWG22 ~ AWG32
Cutting Length: 15 ~ 460mm
Striping Length: 0.1 ~ 9mm
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.002×L
Twisting Length: 3 ~ 14mm
Tinning Length: 0.5 ~ 7mm
Air Supply: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa
Power Rate: AC220V 50/60Hz Single Phase
Capacity: 7000 ~ 13000pcs/hour
Dimension: 1210 × 770 × 1370mm
Net. Weight:400Kg