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Customized Power Cable Winding and Binding Machine

  • Model:KS-K110
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  • Stable performance and low failure rate;

  • Suitable for USB/DC/AC wires, etc., can meet the processing needs of wires of various sizes, and is suitable for manufacturers with various types of wires;

  • Double bundling type around a large circle, bundling two ties;

  • By upgrading the winding mechanism, this machine greatly increases the reserved length of the head and tail to meet the needs of more customers;

  • The winding mechanism uses a 1500W servo motor, which has ample power and is more stable;

  • The wire-taking translation mechanism uses a 750W servo motor to eliminate the stepper motor out-of-step phenomenon and demagnetization problems, and the translation is more stable;

  • The space design is reasonable and the functions are concentrated;

  • High-quality LCD touch screen plus programmable controller (PLC) control, human-machine interface in Chinese and English versions, intuitive and easy-to-understand parameters, easy to operate;

  • Mechanical design of human body structure to reduce fatigue intensity;

  • The binding tie can bear a load of up to 7.5kg, which reduces the number of replacements of the binding tie and improves work efficiency.

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Applicable wires: AC/DC/USB and other wires

Applicable wire diameter: 4~8mm

Applicable wire length: ≤6m

Bundling diameter: ≤40mm

Circle inner diameter: 85~180mm

Head length: 200~680mm

Tail length: 200~530mm

Bundle appearance: double ties in the middle circle

Applicable tie: rubber-coated iron core

Cable tie load-bearing: ≤7.5KG

Production speed: about 500 pieces/hour (calculated based on the wire length of 1m, winding 3 times, leaving the head and tail)

Power rating: ≤2000W

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

Air pressure: 0.5~0.7MPa (must be stable, clean, dry compressed air)

Net weight: 450KG

Dimensions: 2170x850x1910mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.