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High Precision Cable Wire Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-W103 Series
  • Wire Size:
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

The more value a company adds, the more profitable its operations. 

KS-W103 Series is an attractive investment for fully automatic wire processing with a high volume output for many reasons:

  • it processes 2-10 wires simultaneously, durable technology and wearing mechanical designing in a variety of versions at an affordable price. 

  • It also has the features of flexibility and diverse applications. High daily productivity thanks to fast changeovers.

  • Maximum availability with minimal maintenance, user friendly and intuitive machine operation.

  • All product data is saved in a database and can be retrieved at any time.

  • KS-W103 Series Cutting and Stripping Machine is developed specially for processing long wires such as 1 meter to 20 meters, the machine will be customized according to customers’ actual requirements.

It has 5 advantages compare to traditional automatic wire cutting and stripping machine:

  1. It adopts servo motor to drive the wire feeding clamps which ensures high precision of wire cutting process.

  2. Non-roller feeding design guarantee Zero-indentation of the wire jacket, harmless to the wire.

  3. Stripping blade can be customized according to different wire specification. Stripping edge smooth and clean, totally meets the high-end needs of customers.

  4. This machine is able to strip multiple wires at one time, normally around 5 wires, please check the details with our sales department.

  5. We offer customize service so that the machine can fit for customers diversified demands, you’ll just need to make a decision and let us do the rest for you!


Cutting Length

Stripping Length


Net Weight


43 - 9999mm

Flat blade:1.5 - 30mm

Tooth blade: 3.0 - 30mm

1700 × 750 × 1580mm



50 - 15000mm

Flat blade: 3.5 - 30mm
Tooth blade: 5.0 - 30mm

3000 × 700 × 1600mm



50 - 20000mm

3300 × 700 × 1600mm



50 - 30000mm

3700 × 700 × 1600mm



50 - 40000mm

4700 × 700 × 1600mm



50 - 50000mm

5700 × 700 × 1600mm



50 - 60000mm

6700 × 700 × 1600mm


General technical parameters: high precision servo motor, color LED touch screen operating system, support manual, automatic, inching and various working mode.
Suitable Wire Size: AWG36-AWG10, 0.013mm²-5mm²(depending on different wire material)

Standardmodels parameters: if your wire does not included in below table, we can manufacture according to your needs)
Stripping Length: Min. 5.0+5.0mm Max.30+30mm (if you require longer stripping length, we can design the machine as you wish.
Suitable Wire Size: AWG10-AWG0, 5mm2-50mm2(depending on different wire material)
General technical parameters: high precision servo motor, color LCD touch screen operating system, support manual, automatic, inching and various working mode.

Expect for standard model, we also provide customize models, such like:

  1. round stripping blade, ensure smooth stripping effect.

  2. change heating mode, by using hot blade cutting and stripping method, the machine can process special wires easily. (Such as headphone cable, Iphone data line)

  3. extend suitable wire range, support Max. OD 25mm or 50mm² multi-core wires)

  4. enlarge wire pulling length to Max. 10 meters (Wire pulling length is not the Max.cutting length, take KS-AB1500 for example, its Max. wire pulling length is 1500mm, however, its actual cutting length can reach 9999.9mm, if you set the Max. cutting length longer than wire pulling length, the machine will complete the total length by moving back and force several times automatically. If you order larger machine, it only require one movement to complete the desired cutting length, firstly, it improved working speed, reduced the clamp’s movement. More importantly, the lesser the movement the higher the precision.We suggest do not set the clamp go back and forth more than twice, order a suitable mode instead)