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Safety Cover Lifting Two-sided Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine With Visual and Pressure Detection

  • Model:KS-D20
  • Wire Size:
  • Dimension:

This is a fully automatic 2-sided wire stripping and crimping machine, it is driven by high-precision servo motors, the crimping height can be set in program directly. It has built-in dual-channel visual inspection and crimping force monitor system, which can ensure the product quality, NG products will be collected separately.

This machine also has a secure safety guard which can lift up and down, the machine will stop when you open the safety door, and it is convenient to debug machine if you lift up the whole safety cover.

Available Wire Size


Cutting Length 

30 ~9999mm (Can be customized)

Length Tolerance 

0.5±L×2‰ (L=length)

Stripping Length   


Crimping Force   

2Ton (Servo Motor Driven)


3200pcs/hour (with visual inspection and crimping force monitor)

Drive Mode 

Mitsubishi servo motors

Power Supply 

AC 220V/50Hz

Power Rating 


Air Source

0.5~0.8Mpa (140L/min)

Net. Weight