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Safety Cover Lifting Two-sided Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine With Conveyor

  • Model:KS-D2
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

1. The main parts of the equipment are from Japan (servo motors: Mitubishi)  meeting the accuracy, speed and quality requirements of processing products.

2. Visual inspection system: with the German high-pixel image detection system, it can distinguish the good products from the NG products by referring to the image contour standard line of the qualified products, and place them separately through the coordinated action of the machine, so as to avoid customer complaints and losses caused by the mixing of NG products.

3. Equipped with Crimping Force Monitor, it can automatically generate tension pressure curve analysis diagram of crimping terminal, and automatically screen out the defective products  according to reference to the standard wire, which not only increases the product qualification rate, but also reduces the labor cost.

4. Sealing stations and laser scanners are for option, it supports both side sealing and crimping automatically, laser scanners can make sure the seal at correct position.

5. Safety guard can protect operator from crimping stations and all movement elements, the safety cover can lift up and down automatically, which is convenient for engineers to debug machine.

Functions:  Both end mearsuring and cutting ,and at both ends(striping,semi-striping,crimping)terminal Vertical delivery device pre-feeding the whole line can increase the function of piercing waterproof plug and spraying code by wire.

Capacity: 4000 pieces / h  (depends on wire cutting length)

Wire Size: AWG 26-AWG12

Cutting length: 50-99999mm

Cutting Accuracy:  + - setting length * 0.002

Stripping /Tinning Length: 1.0mm-15.0mm ; 1.0mm-15.0mm

Crimping Force:  3.0 Ton

Power Supply: 3- phase AC220V / 50Hz

Power : 7.5KW

Air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Overall Dimension: L 5761 * W 1624 * H 1975 (mm)

Net Weight:  About 1000KG

Detection Device: air pressure reduction, presence or absence of wire, wire overload, presence or absence of terminal, terminal overload, stripping effect detection, terminal crimping effect detection and crimping force detection