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Automatic Whole Board PCB Board Laser Welding Machine

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The equipment is docked with the front-end wire harness crimping and soldering machine or the wire harness double-head soldering machine, which can fully automatically realize the automatic loading of the entire PCB board—automatic feeding of the coaxial line—automatic laser welding of the entire PCB board—automatic receiving of finished products, complete the entire process.

Cutting capacity: 50mm-400mm

Processing diameter: 0.81-1.78mm

Applicable to the whole PCB board: the length range of the whole board PCB board: 200-250mm; 

                                                           the width range: 175-200mm

Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm

Equipment utilization rate: ≥95%

Working pressure: ≥0.5Pa

Working voltage: AC220V±10V

Yield rate: ≥97%

Dimensions: 1500*1200*1900mm

Total power of equipment: 3KW

Weight: 1200kg

Production efficiency: 800--950PCS/H (efficiency will vary according to the number of solder joints on the entire PCB board)