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Semi-automatic Multi-core Wire Crimping and Housing Insertion Machine

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  1. This product can realize the functions of unwinding, arranging, cutting, stripping, continuous crimping, housing insertion, and collecting wires at one time. CCD visual color sequence detection, housing insertion poor and crimping force detection system can be installed to identify poor crimping and prevent the outflow of defective products.

  2. This product all uses high-speed closed-loop stepper motors, which not only achieves high efficiency, but also greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the equipment, saving customers purchase costs and subsequent maintenance costs.

  3. This product all adopts a modular mechanism of motor + screw + guide rail to ensure the requirements of high-quality products. At the same time, the whole machine has a compact structure and simple maintenance.

  4. This product adopts a control system combination of a motion control card with 10 channels of high-speed pulse output and a high-definition color touch screen. The touch screen program comes standard with Chinese and English operation interfaces. If there are other language requirements, it can be customized.

  5. This product uses a high-precision OTP applicator, making it easy to change applicators. Durable, other specifications of applicators can also be used according to customer needs, such as 2000 large applicators, JAM applicators, Korean applicators, etc.

  6. Housing insertion can adopt the mode of producing multiple housings to maximize production efficiency (the specific solution depends on the housing, terminals, and wire conditions).

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Applicable wires: AV, AVS, AVSS, CAVUS, KV, KIV, UL, IV Teflon, fiber wire, etc.

Crimping force: 1.5T/2T/3T (depending on wires and terminals)

Sheath stripping range: 2~5 cores, the shortest sheath stripping range is 40mm, 

                                       6~12 cores, the shortest sheath stripping range is 50mm

Crimp terminal: open continuous terminal-horizontal

Applicator stroke: 30mm (40mm stroke applicator can be customized)

Applicable wire diameter: Ø0.8mm~Ø2.5mm

Power supply: single phase 200V~240V 50/60HZ

Power Rating: 3000W

Air source: above 0.5mpa

Stripping length: 0.5~10.0mm

Cutting tolerance: 0.05~0.1mm

Dimension (L*W*H): 1750*9000*1400mm

Weight: 240kg