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Heat Shrink Tube Processing Equipment

  • Model:KS-H601C
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  • It can be used to heat heat shrink tubing with a length of less than 60mm (standard) (optionally extended to 100mm) and a diameter of less than 13.5mm;

  • When using an energy-saving heat shrink tubing machine, the wire harness can be clamped between the double-sided synchronous belts. After the previous wire harness is completely inserted into the machine, the next wire harness can be installed continuously. The wire harness can also be clamped on one side of the double-sided synchronous belt, but the wire harness is required to be relatively hard and the entire wire cannot sag easily;

  • Temperature foolproof (if the working temperature is not reached, the double-sided synchronous belt is reversed), and the upper and lower temperatures are adjustable (can be set separately);

    Equipped with a cooling system to accelerate the cooling process of the wiring harness;

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Heating length: ≤60mm (optionally extended to 100mm)

Tube diameter: 1.3~13.5mm

Wire length: min.195mm/single side 95mm

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Motor fuse: 30A

Temperature control fuse: 30A

Heating plate: 1000W*2

Production capacity: about 2000 pieces/hour

Working temperature: 0~700℃

Net weight: 40kg

Dimension: 1100*230*350mm