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Desktop Small Oven Type Heat Shrink Tube Processing equipment

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  • Suitable for heat shrinking or baking of relatively small products such as wiring harness heat shrink tubes, heat shrink film packaging, circuit boards, inductor coils, etc.

  • Use far-infrared heating tubes for heating, single-sided heating; the inner box is equipped with a high-speed centrifugal fan, which can stir the heat evenly during heating to keep the entire box at a constant temperature; maintain the original characteristics of the product, so that the product will not deform or discolor after heat shrinkage and baking, and the quality is stable;

  • Using high-temperature Teflon mesh belt (temperature resistance 0~350℃), pipeline mode feeding, fast baking speed and high efficiency;

  • Desktop structure mode, compact structure, exquisite design, limited space saving, more suitable for small batch and small size products;

  • Intelligent control system, heating temperature and speed can be adjusted at will, can adapt to the temperature and heat shrink time requirements of different products;

  • Independent control electric box, away from high temperature; double-layer design of heating box, with high-temperature insulation cotton in the middle (temperature resistance 1200℃, so that the surface temperature of the box will not overheat, not only makes the working environment comfortable, but also reduces energy waste.


Conveying speed: 0~6m/min

Power supply: 2.4KW

Conveying capacity: 10Kg

Material of conveyor belt: high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt

Heating temperature: 0~260℃

Heating method: single-sided heating

Heating tube: far infrared heating tube

Hot air fan: yes

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Machine weight: 30kg

Machine size (H*W*D): 1000*300*650

Box size (H*W*D): 650*300*200

Heating space (H*W*D): 650*240*80

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.