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Desktop Heat Shrink Tubing Processing Machine

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  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  • Suitable for heat shrink tubing for electronic wiring harnesses and new energy wiring harnesses, circuit boards, inductors, copper busbars, hardware accessories and other products (the heat shrinkage and baking size range is small, but the product size is relatively short), or the heat shrinkage and baking of products that can only shrink and bake one end;

  • Far infrared heating tubes are used for heating (new energy wiring harnesses use heat radiation heating shrink tubes). Heating tubes are installed on the top, bottom, left and right sides, which can heat at the same time. A high-speed centrifugal fan is also installed. When heating, the fan stirs the heat evenly to keep the whole box at a constant temperature. The products that need to be heat-shrunk and baked can be heated all around at the same time, maintaining the original characteristics of the products, so that the products will not deform or change color after heat shrinkage and baking, and the quality is stable;

  • Using high temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt (temperature resistance 0~350°), assembly line mode feeding, fast baking speed and high efficiency;

  • Aluminum alloy profile structure mode, the mechanical size and structure can be customized and modified at will, and the machine model has a compact structure and exquisite design, and can be moved and connected to the production line at will and synchronized with the production line;

  • Intelligent control system, heating temperature and speed can be adjusted at will, which can adapt to the temperature and heat shrink time requirements of different products; 

  • Independent control electric box, away from high temperature; double-layer design of heating box, with high-temperature insulation cotton (temperature resistance 1200°) in the middle, so that the surface temperature of the box will not overheat, which not only makes the working environment comfortable, but also reduces energy waste.

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ModelOpen single-sided (desktop type)Open double-sided (desktop type)

Box sioze(H*W*D)630*240*280630*240*280
Heating space(H*W*D)600*180*100600*180*100
Net weight30KG30KG
Conveying speed0~6/min0~6/min
Mechanical power2.4KW (single-sided heating)3.6KW (Double-sided heating)
Conveying capacity20KG


Material of conveyor beltHigh temperature resistant Teflon mesh beltHigh temperature resistant Teflon mesh belt
Heating temperature0~260℃0~260℃
Heating methodOne  temperature controlTwo  temperature control
Heating tubeFar infrared heating tubeFar infrared heating tube
Hot air fanYesYes
Heat dissipation deviceNoYes
Belt guideYesYes
Power supplyAC220V 50HZAC220V 50HZ

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.