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Fully Automatic Resistor Lead Bender

  • Model:KS-F100
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This is a full automatic resistor lead cutter and bender which can handle both loose radial components and taped components, rotary disc blade is easy to replace and places minimal mechanical stress or axial tension on the component. Its wide application range and outstanding price/performance ratio make it the ideal solution for mix environments.

Type U F
A 6-40mm 4-18mm
B 3.6-15mm 2-15mm
C 1.2mm 4mm
D 1.5-8mm 1.5-8mm
W 0.35-1mm 0.35-1mm
H   25mm
P   2.5-13.5mm

Speed: loose 6000pcs/hour, taped 60000pcs/hour
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz
Net. Weight: 50Kg
Measurement: 820×500×720mm