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Wire Stripping Machine ( Ribbon Cable can be customized)

  • Model:KS-W6125
  • Wire Size:
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
  1. This is a six-wheel drive computerized wire stripping machine, which uses 4 wire feeding wheels to feed materials, which can effectively prevent the wires from slipping when stripping large wires and wires with tight sheaths, and improve feeding accuracy and stripping ability. It supports the function of automatically jumping the conduit. When the wire tail is stripped, the wire inlet conduit can be automatically lifted to avoid it, which greatly increases the stripping length range of the wire tail. Wire feeding wheel can choose rubber wheel or iron wheel, which is suitable for processing various BVR electronic wires, BV hard wires, sheathed wires, etc.

  2. The program interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Parameters such as cutting line length, stripping length, feed depth, retraction, and output can be freely set in the program. Functions such as long wire program, ultra-short wire program, middle stripping program, sheath wire program, and flat cable splitting program can be switched at will. One machine supports many different processing methods and is highly versatile. It supports functions such as full stripping, half stripping, and middle stripping. The processing parameters of different wires can be saved in different program numbers. When switching wires, the corresponding processing parameters can be called out with one key.

  3. Support non-standard customization, we have strong research and development capabilities, and can customize special functions according to customer needs. Common optional features include:

  • Install a safety shield, and automatically alarm and stop after opening the shield.

  • Customized blades and conduits with special shapes are used to process flat sheathed wires, double wires, flat cables and other wires. Flat sheathed wires can be stripped from the inner and outer layers.

  • Add inkjet printers, wire number hot stamping machines and other equipment to realize coding while stripping wires.

  • Add a flat cable splitting device, which can separate the two ends of the cable while cutting and stripping the cable.

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Available Wire Size: 0.3 ~ 25mm² (AWG30 ~ AWG5)

Max. Conduit Diameter: Φ9mm

Max.Cutting Length: 99.999999m

Stripping Length:Wire Head 0~100mm, Wire Tail 0~80mm

Max. Middle Stripping Section: 15 sections

Memory Function: Max. 100 group of programs

Cutting Tolerance:± (0.002mm× Cutting Length)                  

Speed: 3000pcs/hour

Drive Mode: 6-wheel drive

Display: LCD display with English menu

Power Rating: 450W

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Net Weight: 42Kg

Dimension: 470 × 470× 320mm


  • The above specifications are for reference only. In the case of extremely hard, tough wires, processing may not be possible even within the cross section range. In case of doubt, KINGSING will be happy to provide processing samples of your wires.

  • Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.