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Wire Stripping Machine ( Ribbon Cable can be customized)

  • Model:KS-W6125
  • Voltage:
  • Wire Size:
  • Dimension:

The smartest way to process large wires.The 6-wheel Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine KS-W6125 belongs to the latest generation of automatic cutting and stripping machines.

This model is compelling in the extremely broad range of processing they cover.

With the simple, flexible touch screen, affordable price and minimal material used during setup,

KS-W6125 has quickly become a very popular type of stripping machines worldwide.
With 99 sets of program storage function, it is very convenient to operate the stripping machine.

Wheel jumping designing help to reduce the resistance during stripping producer and allow the maximum stripping length to reach 100mm.Another special function is 3 layers stripping for Flat cable/wire and Coaxial cable/wire, moreover, the stripping length of each layer can be set freely.

Available Wire Size: 0.3 ~ 25mm² (AWG30 ~ AWG5)

Max. Conduit Diameter: Φ9mm

Max.Cutting Length: 99.999999m

Stripping Length:Wire Head 0~100mm, Wire Tail 0~80mm

Max. Middle Stripping Section: 15 sections

Memory Function: Max. 99 group of programs

Cutting Tolerance:± (0.002mm× Cutting Length)                  

Speed: 3000pcs/hour

Drive Mode: 6-wheel drive

Display: LCD display with English menu

Power Rating: 450W

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

Net Weight: 38Kg

Dimension: 470 × 465 × 310mm