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Cable Shield Brushing Twisting and Heat Shrink Tube Insertion

  • Model:KS-S005
  • Net. Weight:300kg
  • Dimension:2500×780×1300mm

This machine is specially designed for processing cables with braided shielding, such as USB data cable, 1185 DC cable, car connection cable, microphone cable, etc. It integrates multiple functions and can automatically complete the following actions: jacket stripping, shield brushing and twisting, heat shrink tubing insertion, aluminum foil mylar removing, core wire stripping twisting and tinning, core wire trimming, etc.

It's able to insert 2 shrinkable tubes, one on the twisted braided shield and another one on the cable, heating and shrinking can be finished automatically.


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Available Wire Size: Φ2~8mm (Can be customized)

Jacket Stripping Length: 10~60mm (Can be customized)

Capacity: 900~1200pcs/hour

Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz

Net. Weight: 300kg

Dimension: 2500×780×1300mm

Jacket Stripping
Shield Brushing
Shield Twisting
Shield Insert Tube
Core Wire Stripping×
Core Wire Twisting×
Core Wire Tinning××
Core Wire Trimmingoptional
Cable Insert Tube
Mylar Removing××
Heat Shrinking

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.