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Heat Shrink Tubing Processing Equipment

  • Model:KS-H77
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:500×360×250mm
  1. This is a portable heat shrink tube processing machine, mainly designed for the case where the heat shrink tube is located in the middle of the wire. Its size is very small, and the screen can be flipped and folded, so it's especially suitable for occasions that need to be moved frequently, or in small working spaces.

  2. The machine adopts advanced thermal infrared radiation technology for heating, the maximum temperature can reach 550℃, and the temperature can be adjusted through the touch screen. After the upper and lower heating chambers are closed, they are cylindrical, which can heat the heat shrinkable tube 360 degrees, the heat shrinkage is uniform and compact. After heat shrinking, the cooling effect is good, the wire harness will not stick, and the processing consistency is very good.

  3. It is safe to operate, there is an induction clip on each side of the heat shrinking station. After the operator pays off the wire, the clip will automatically clamp the wire, and after the heat shrinking, the wire will automatically pop out.

  4. Support 485, network port communication, can be connected with MES system to realize intelligent production. Temperature data is stored for 14 days, and data can be viewed and exported at any time. Parameter setting requires administrator privileges, which can prevent operators from changing parameters by mistake.

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Max. Temperature: 550℃

Heating Chamber ID: Φ32mm

Heating Chamber Width: 77mm

Max. Wire Size: Φ15mm

Max. Tube Length: 60mm

Power Rating: 500W

Power Supply: 220V/110V  50/60Hz

Dimension: 500×360×250mm

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.