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Automatic Pipe Sawing Machine

  • Model:KS-P145R
  • Net. Weight:270kg
  • Dimension:1020×530×1300mm

This is a fully automatic pipe sawing machine, which uses a high-speed rotating saw blade to cut the material, so it can cut hard pipes, such as stainless steel hoses, corrugated tubes, pvc pipes, etc. The speed of the saw blade can be adjusted, and the cutting edge is neat and smooth.

It adopts belt feeding, since the contact area between the belt and the hose is big, so it can prevent the pipe from slipping during the feeding process, and can ensure good precision. The discharge port has a built-in conveyor belt, which can transport the finished product to the outside.


Color touch screen operation interface, all parameters are intuitive and easy to understand, you only need to simply set the cutting length and quantity, the machine can work automatically.

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