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Advanced Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-W104
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

The KS-W104 is perfect for processing the High Voltage Power Cable in the industries of New Energy Motor, Power Charging Line, Electronic Control, etc.Its Max. Cut & Strip capacity reaches 120mm2

This machine supports multi-layers stripping function at the same time. 

  • KS-W104 is fitted with 8 sets of servo motors to insure powerful feeding and high level of cutting and stripping accuracy. This stripper adopts PLC control system and color touch screen to provide a simple and enjoyable operation experience, it also utilizes belt feeding design to avoid pressing marks on the cable. 

  • With 4 movable rollers beside the machine feet, the machine can be moved easily and installed firmly on the ground.

  • A protection cover is added to prevent accidental injury, the machine will stop automatically after turn on the detection function in the program.

  • KS-W104 can work independently or to be integrated in wire processing line due to multiple interfaces are reserved in the program.



Fast installation and simple operation

Wide range of application covers wire, cable, tube, etc.

PLC control & Servo Motor driven allow ultimate processingeffect

Robust design allows heavy-duty wire loading and processing

Rotary blades ensure precise & efficient stripping

Durable tungsten steel cutter guarantees stable & powerfulcutting

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Available Wire Size: 6 ~ 120mm2
Max. Conduit Diameter: Φ30mm
Cutting Length: 240mm ~ 100000mm
Stripping Length: 0 ~ 200mm                       
Stripping Accuracy:± 0.002 * L            
Feeding Speed:0.8m/s
Drive Mode: 8-wheel drive
Display: LCD display with English menu      
Power Supply:AC220V/50Hz  AC110V/60Hz        
Net Weight:240Kg
Dimension: 1200 x 800 x 1300mm