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Ribbon Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine with Slitting Function

  • Model:KS-W6131S
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

New energy wire cutting stripping machine KS-W6131S is great choice for processing flat ribbon cable due to outstanding customized design.

Adjustable stripping parameters, high-performance blade and simple and mature controlling system with color screen,

all of these advantages have KS-W6131S become a very popular type of stripping machines worldwide.

With 100 sets of program storage function, it is very convenient to process different sizes of wires.

Roller jumping and tube lifting design facilitates keeping smooth wire cutting and stripping.

Moreover, this machine adopts stepper motor driven mode which accomplishes high-precision control of motor speed and rotary position.

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Dimension(L×W×H): 650×610×450mm

Net Weight: 80Kg

Power Rate: 800W

Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

Memory Function: Max. 100 groups of programs

Max. Cutting Length: 999999mm

Capacity: About 1200 PCS/Hour (Depend on cutting length)