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Shrink Tube Local Heating Machine Without Damaging Wire

  • Model:KS-A2600
  • Brand:KINGSING
  • Price:

Shrinkable Tube Local Heating Machine KS-A2600 without Damaging Wire is specially designed for meeting

demands of processing shrinkable tube in wire harness industry.

Double-size heating mode leaves heating procedure more sufficient and even.

Heating temperature as well as transiting speed and heating width could be adjusted on the basis of actual requirements. Moreover,

heat insulating material filled in the cavity of heating box secures shrinkable tube heating procedure without being affected by outside environment.

Cooling system equipped with fans facilitates collecting finished products.

Applicable Wire Diameter: 1-25mm

Heating Width: 120mm

Heating Mode: Infrared Radiation

Conveying Width: 650mm

Conveying Speed: 1-5m/min

Heating Power Rating: 4KW

Conveyor Power Rating: 40W

Total Power Rating: 4.5KW

Weight: 103Kg

Dimension: 1800×860×1070mm