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Twin Parallel Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine

  • Model:KS-T504
  • Wire Size:
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

KS-T504 is widely used to crimp double wires and it is able to split the wire beforecrimping.

Manual work takes time, and the quality cannot be guaranteed, this automatic crimping machine solved all the questions.

Wire feeding, cutting,stripping, splitting to terminal crimping, the whole producer is fullyautomatic.

All the settings will be done through easy operation on LCD touchscreen, the machine will store the parameters for future use and control allthe settings to work exactly as you set. All the wearing parts are made of topquality material, high precision and durable.

Both side-feedingdie and straight-feeding die are available for processing, and the changeoverbetween different die sets are easy and timesaving.

We provide customize service for customers with other brand of die such as JST, AMP, MOLEX, etc. Withits high productivity and stable performance, this machine will produce morevalue than its cost.

AvailableWire Gauge: 0.08 ~ 2.5 mm2 (AWG13 ~ AWG28)

CuttingLength: 20mm ~ 1500mm (longer than 800mm, suggest to install aconveyor belt

StrippingLength: 0 ~ 12mm

StrippingAccuracy± (0.002mm×Stripping Length)

CuttingAccuracy± (0.002mm× CuttingLength)                 

CrimpingForce: 2.0Ton

Stroke:30mm (40mm is customizable)

Display:5.7" Touch Screen

Speed:3500 ~ 4000 pcs/hour

AirPressure: 0.5MPa - 0.6MPa

PowerSupply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

PowerRating: 750W

NetWeight: 210Kg

Dimension:700 × 600 × 1500 mm

Customized Function

1.  Design a vibration plate forloose terminals, automatic feed terminals to crimping die.

2.  Install a wire conveyor beltfor processing long wire (such as 2 meters long wire processing).

3.  Add a pressure monitor systemto monitor each terminal's crimping force.

4.  Other function the customersrequire to implement.