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Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

  • Model:KS-09I
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

KS-09I is newly designed for electronic wires, flat cables and coaxial cables cutting and stripping. Driven by four strong wearing wheels, KS-09I is capable of processing max. 10mm2 wire/cable. The conduit which matches the machine is up to 10mm in diameter. Superior tungsten steel cutting blades guaranteed perfect cutting and stripping effect. Middle stripping can be done 16 places, and the stripping length of former 3 places can be set differently. KS-09I stripping machine is equipped with superior tungsten steel blades/knife, guarantee smooth and stable working performance. It also has the features of a high level of user convenience, excellent value for the money, ultra-easy operations and long service time.

  1. KS-09I supports full stripping, half stripping and middle stripping, you may also choose cutting without any form of stripping function.

  2. Supports 3 layers stripping, each layer’s stripping length can be set differently.

  3. This stripping machine can store 99 sets of program in the touch screen, which you can retrieve anytime while needed.

  4. Conduit jumping function allows the conduit to raise while stripping the wire end so that wire end stripping length can reach 70mm.

  5. Through adjusting pulse value, this jack wire stripping machine can reach extremely high precision cutting effect.

Available Wire Gauge: 0.1 ~ 10.0mm²
Max. Conduit Diameter: Φ10mm
Cutting Length: 0 ~ 99999mm
Stripping Length: Wire Head 0 ~ 50mm, Wire Tail 0 ~ 70mm
Middle Stripping: Max. 16 sections
Stripping Accuracy:± (0.002mm× Stripping Length)
Cutting Accuracy:± (0.002mm× Cutting Length)
Speed: 3000 ~ 7000pcs/hour
Display: LCD display with English menu
Memory Function: Max. 99 group of programs
Special Function: Can strip Max. 3 layers with different length at one time
Drive Method: 4-wheel drive
Blade Material: Tungsten Steel
Power Rating: 220W
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Net Weight: 36Kg
Dimension: 390 × 350 × 255mm